Cape Town

With 50km to go, my chain jumps the sprocket for the first time.  So close to the finish line!  I have one more adjustment I can make, so I pull over on the highway and get to work.  At this point, there isn’t much left of the rear sprocket and the chain has stretched far enough that is doesn’t fit in the grooves of the sprocket any more.  It’s now riding on the peaks instead of the valleys.

I tighten the chain to the maximum distance possible and limp the bike into CT in the slow lane.

It’s been a great trip and a bit different that what I envisioned.  Certainly much easier riding than Mongolia or Central Asia, and not the logistical challenge I was hoping for either.  To sum it up, I guess I would say it was a social studies experience of the drought and famine problems facing many of the countries in East Africa, not to mention the population control problems the severely impoverished are facing.  This trip was enlightening to say the least.

I’ll be in CT for a week working on sea freight passage for the bike.  Looking forward to getting home.


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