The end is near

The traveling portion of my trip is starting to wind down.  Paved roads and good people doing noting really all that exciting. The further south I get, the more civilized life becomes. No more petrol bombs, native tribal face paintings, or even skinny little rock chucking bastards – I’ve even met several nice people from France.  Who would’ve thought.

I passed from Namibia to South Africa today through another easy to navigate border crossing.  Amazing how much easier they are when you can speak and read the language!

Today was a bit of a rough day as I dropped my bike twice for no real good reason. Total that brings me to about 5 times the bike has hit the dirt or pavement since I left Cairo.

  1. Sudan sandy road – I got caught out in some really deep sand while going a little too fast.
  2. Ethiopia border crossing –  As I casually leaned against the bike…over she went.
  3. Malawi sandy road – Again the sand caught me out, its really challenging on the big bike loaded down with gear
  4. South Africa border crossing – I’m not entirely sure I did it this time; I’m pretty sure the border guard was playing with it.
  5. South Africa – Again, I’m not really sure this one was me.  While I was bent over inspecting my wheel (See below as to why), she toppled on her side.

My trip almost came to a premature end today when a lady backed into me at a gas station.  She drove right up onto my front wheel in the process.   I have no idea how the bike held up, but it doesn’t appear to be much more damage than a slightly bent front rim.  I’ve got a very slight wobble at speed, but all in all, it seems pretty good.

I have 4 more days of riding left and my big bike is ready to hit the shop this winter for an overhaul.  I now have a slightly bent front wheel, leaking engine gasket, and most disturbing, a chain that is stretching significantly every day.  As we all know, metal will only stretch so far before it breaks.  I’m not really sure if it will make it then last 4000km or not, but I don’t have too many options at this point.  So I ride on….

This will be my last post until I reach Cape Town on the 3rd of Dec.  Here are a few photos from the last safari drive I did in North Namibia.  Click on any to enlarge.

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