The Sudanese

My first real day in Sudan is much more pleasant with people who are very willing to try and converse, help, and generally just gather around.  They aren’t hassling me for money, just an opportunity to stand next to me, smile and greet the American.   I have similar and experiences in every town I stop in.

I pick up some bread in the morning, which is wood fired, has a heavy earthy taste, and sits pretty well in the stomach.  I was really enjoying the drive until the heat set in.  An hour or so before I arrive to the capital, the air temperature is 112 degrees, my motorcycle is a steamy 240 degrees and no telling how hot it is inside my suit.  It was completely nauseating.

I arrive to the hotel mid afternoon, again very unabashedly greeted by everyone I come in contact with.  They are all very helpful and have a hard time leaving me along.  They REALLY want to meet the American.

All in all, I couldn’t have received a better welcome to the country.  If it wasn’t for the extreme heat, and not really sure what else I’d do in the middle of the Sahara, I’d consider staying an extra day or so.

Sudan gets two thumbs up – it was probably the friendliest country I’ve been to in all my travels.

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