June 12 – The end of the road

I continued onto Almaty, Kazakhstan the night of the 11th to finish my journey and secure shipping for the KTM. I will leave via plane the morning of the 13th, headed back to Big Sky, arriving Saturday evening to continue on with life as “normal”. I will be leaving Central Asia behind with some great memories of the trip and the people who I’ve come in contact with.

The young woman who helped me as a translator, did and will continue to do much more in the coming months. Even with a confession, I understand there can’t be a trial without the victim to testify. As it would be a financial hardship and logistical challenge to get back to Naryn several times over the next two months (the judges waste no time in Kyrgyzstan), the young woman has taken power of attorney for the case and will be acting in my behalf until the trial is over. She has told me more than once, she “feels it’s her duty to her country and community to help and stay involved with the case to the end”. All of the Krygyz people I have met in this process have amazed me with their hospitality and kindness.   Although it’s a very poor economy, there is a sense of community I don’t think we can even start to comprehend.

With the exception of the beating and hassles of “losing” my passport, all in all, the experience has been just that – an experience, and without a doubt a memory that will stick in my mind forever. I’m emotionally settled again and ready to go home to my family.

I dont have any photos from the last few days, but here are a few parting shots with some of the faces from the trip.

















This was the last photo I took of the trip and just of couple hours before the robbery.  Full, clean and happily drinking some tea, updating my journal.

last photo

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