May 26 – Turkmenistan

Not much to say as I’ve been sitting on the bumper of a Lada all day long. BORRRING. Not photos, no interactions, just dodging potholes at slow speeds, watching cars pass at a speed I’d rather be traveling. Point A to point B, just making the miles to get through the country. With the exception of Tatooine (Ashgabat), not a lot to see from the highway and unfortunately, this is the only route I can take. Another day, another roach hotel – can’t wait to get out of Turkmenistan at this point.

I’ve been having a hard time finding an Internet connection fast enough to post. I may only get another couple more posts in before I go dark as I get into the north Afghanistan mountains later this week. It’s a long shot the Taliban will share their Internet connection with me – though it never hurts to ask.

Look at this sneaky Russian extorting another $135 from me.  They weren’t going to take me further than Ashgabat unless I paid the “additional fees”.  I’ll blast their company online when I get back.


The locals call this kid “Billy”…I found him trying to hot-wire my bike one afternoon in front of the roach hotel.


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